Studio & Desks
Our studio and desk space is built inside the old kitchen at Hackney Depot. Its is a beautiful and bright space fitted out with desks form Open Desk and punctuated with bold furniture produced by Supernovas - our resident circular design pioneers.
The Workshop
Full Workshop including: Central cutting table, complete Festool power tool and extraction range, Dewalt band and table saw, small bed CNC, pillar drill, sandblasting, mitre saw, jigsaw, bench grinder, belt and disc sanders, mirka orbital sander, and many hand +power tools from dremels to chisels.
Digital Making
The digital making area features: An Epilogue Laser Cutter, Prusa MK3s 3D Printer, Roland Vinyl Cutter and an electronics workbench (with oscilloscope, lab PSU and a whole host of soldering irons wires and components).
Meeting rooms
The Solarium is our very bright, large meeting space perfect for lager meetings or group work. There is an Open Desk table with space for more than 8 people, A white board and TV display with HDMI connectivity.

The Booth is our smaller space perfect for taking calls away from your desk or working in small groups of up to 3.
Hackney Depot
We are located in the Hackney Depot Building. The conversion of an old bus garage which is helping to continue a rich heritage of makers and free thinkers in the heart of the east London. Book a tour.
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